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Clarence Headland at Yamba

Curious smooth humps of pillow shaped siltstone
Boxwork weathering, where harder minerals have invaded joints and then resisted weathering leaving box like shapes
Note the quarried section of the headland on the left
Honeycomb weathering

Clarence Headland weathering

Latitude -29.431693, Longitude 153.365123

Located in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, nearest town Yamba

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The Clarence headland at Yamba is well worth a visit. The headland area consists of Triassic-Jurassic age sedimentary rocks known as the Marbung Formation comprised of sandstone, shale and conglomerate. Turners Beach to the north of the headland has resulted from accretion of north migrating sand as a consequence of the building of the breakwall at the southern side of the Clarence River entrance. Sand is constantly moving north along the New South Wales coast and much of it ends up at Fraser Island in Queensland which is completely composed of sand. The cliffs around the car park at Clarence headland are the sides of the quarry which supplied the rock for the breakwater.

The interesting weathered rocks are on the surface of this sandstone headland and comprise examples of several types of weathering: Honeycomb weathering caused by growing sea salt crystals dislodging sand particles from the rock and wind swirls churning sand through the space causing a sandblast effect to further erode the hole;

Boxwork weathering where jointing in the rock has been filled with mineral solutions and over time they have accumulated into harder rock bands that are more weather resistant than the base rock; Curious smooth humps of pillow shaped siltstone.

There is a narrow band of Pleistocene dune deposits to the south of the headland behind Pippi Beach and Barri Beach. In the past these have been mined for heavy minerals.

Getting There

Clarence headland is accessed via Clarence St in Yamba. There is a large car parking area, toilets and picnic facilities in the old quarry.

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