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Heulandites Fan (a type of Zeolite)
Fish fossil from the Bugaldie Diatomaceous Earth (chalk) Mine north of Coonabarabran (now closed)
Agathis jurassica fossil

Crystal Kingdom Mineral Museum

Latitude -31.267153, Longitude 149.27631

Located in the North West Region of NSW, in Coonabarabran


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Crystal Kingdom Mineral Museum specialises in Minerals and Fossils from the Warrumbungle Range near Coonabarabran, NSW and was the first collection in Australia to display minerals and fossils from one local area only.

The museum contains some of the world's rarest and most colourful zeolite crystals as well as rare fossils that are found nowhere else in the world. Additionally, there are detailed explanations of the volcanic activity which created the nearby Warrumbungle and Nandewar Ranges.

Accompanying this fantastic museum is a unique souvenir shop selling crystals, jewellery, mineral and fossil specimens and many gift lines. The gemstone jewellery includes opal, sapphire, amber, topaz, garnet, amethyst and many others plus mineral specimens from all over the world, including some local museum-quality crystals and fossils. There are gifts here to suit every budget.

Open every day (except Christmas Day) from 8am to 5pm (October 1 to April 30) and from 9am to 5pm (May 1 to September 30). Entry is free.

Getting There

You can find Crystal Kingdom 700m north of the CBD on the left side of the Newell Highway, opposite the John Oxley Caravan Park at Coonabarabran.

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