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Drawing Room Rocks in Barren Grounds Nature Reserve

Drawing Room Rocks - Barren Grounds Nature Reserve

Approximate Latitude -34.714525, Longitude 150.697231

Located in the Shoalhaven Region of NSW, nearest town Berry

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The Drawing Room Rocks are located in the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve. Most of this reserve is comprised of horizontal Triassic Hawkesbury Sandstone. The edge of this Hawkesbury Sandstone outlines a sheer cliff face that surrounds many plateaus, forming the Illawarra Escarpment and the north eastern boundary of Kangaroo Valley. Beneath the Hawkesbury Sandstone the cliff is composed of shales and sandstone of the Narrabeen Group. This is weaker than the Hawkesbury Sandstone and more prone to erosion.

The unique shapes of the Drawing Room Rocks are the result of the weathering of the Hawkesbury Sandstone. Weathering, in this case, was accomplished over a long time span by a number of different agents: wind, rain, cold, heat and chemicals in rainfall. The sandstone of the Drawing Room Rocks is horizontal strata, so the flat table tops consist of stone made up of a harder more resistant mineral layer which has remained when the softer surrounding rocks have eroded.

Getting There

Drawing Room Rocks in the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve are located just north of Berry on the South Coast of New South Wales. At the northern end of Berry, on the town side of the bridge, turn north-west into Woodhill Mountain Road. Continue for 6.8km to Woodhill where the road splits to Wattamolla Rd which continues to Kangaroo Valley. Follow Brogers Creek Rd for 100m and take the road on the right which is not signposted and appears to be a private driveway but is accessible to the public. The unsealed road winds uphill for about 400 metres to a private locked gate where there is parking space for about two small cars on the grassy verge. A sign next to the gate states "Drawing Room Rocks Bushwalk". You will ascend from 250m to 600m above sea level along a track through forest and heath land then onto a plateau. Walk on for another 100m to come out at Drawing Room Rocks.

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