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Myanba Creek Lookout
Cascades down Myanba Gorge
Pummel holes carved in granite by swirling water driving stones into rock
Boardwalk leading to Myanba Creek Lookout

Myanba Creek and Gorge in the South East Forests National Park

Latitude -36.973214, Longitude 149.436421

Located in the Snowy Mountains Region of NSW, nearest town Bombala


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The Myanba Creek and Gorge is a spectacular site with tumbling cascades and expansive views towards Towamba Valley. Set in old growth forest, it is where the Eastern Escarpment drops 330 metres from 600m at the Myanba Creek Lookout to 500m at the Myanba Gorge Lookout and a further 230m to the base of the gorge.

Myanba Creek and Gorge lie on Devonian (405-345 million years ago) Towamba Granodiorite of the Bega Batholith, a large-scale igneous intrusion. The Bega Batholith extends from Bungendore in the north to the Victorian border and comprises three major igneous rock types: granite-adamellite, adamellite and quartz diorite-granodiorite, with at least 66 separate intrusions.

Over hundreds of millions of years the Myanba Creek has eroded the granodiorite by a process known as cut back which has resulted in a series of cascades. These cascades are so numerous it is impossible to get them into one photo.

There is wheel chair access via a boardwalk which leads to Myanba Creek Lookout. Then an easy walk to Pulpit Rock Lookout and a moderate walk (steps) to Myanba Gorge Lookout. The return walk to the last lookout is 2 kilometres and takes about 1 hour.

Getting There

Myanba Gorge is located south east of Bombala. To get to the gorge travel south from Bombala on the Monaro Highway. Measuring from the centre of town, at approximately 17km you will come to Northern Access road on your left (eastern side). Turn into Northern Access road and follow it until you reach Coolangubba road and follow Coolangubba road until you reach and turn into Wog Way. Follow Wog Way for about 1.8km where there will be a turn off to Kanoonah road, take this turn off and follow until you see Myanba Road on your right, this leads to the gorge and picnic area. There are sign posts along the way but take care as it is easy to get lost, everything looks different when you turn around to come home. There is a camping area located at Waratah Gully which is accessed along Wog Way. Facilities include 4 sites, walking tracks, non flush toilets, picnic tables and BBQs (bring your own wood). The site is also suitable for caravans.

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