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Sawn Rocks in Mt Kaputar National Park
Some of the (nearly always) hexagonal shaped Organ Pipes which have toppled to the ground at Sawn Rocks in Mt Kaputar National Park
Sawn Rocks in Mt Kaputar National Park

Sawn Rocks

Mt Kaputar National Park

Latitude -30.145072, Longitude 150.053587

Located in the North West Region of NSW, nearest town Narrabri

Source: Narrabri Tourism Website

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Sawn Rocks

The forty (40) metre high cliff face visible at Sawn Rocks is the sheared off remains of a basalt lava flow from the (now extinct) Nandewar Volcano which dominated the area 21 million years ago. The striking columnar fractures are a result of the cooling process: the basalt cools from the outside toward the centre, causing shrinkage cracks to form, commonly, in a hexagonal pattern. The shape of the columns is attributed to tensional stress. When the molten rock within the basalt lava flow cooled slowly and, importantly, evenly, this enabled the individual crystals within the molten rock to align perfectly with each other.

While this type of six-sided (hexagonal) 'organ piping' is not rare to lava flows it is exceptionally rare to find them so perfectly formed and preserved and Sawn Rocks is recognised as being one of the best examples of columnar jointing in Australia.


The upper reaches of the creek adjacent to Sawn Rocks contains tranquil rock pools, horizontal hexagonal structures and some outstanding plants and trees.

Getting There

Sawn Rocks is located in Mt Kaputar National Park approximately 38km north east of Narrabri. Travel north along the Newell Highway from Narrabri for about 3km. Turn right onto Bingara Road: after about 35 kilometre and you'll see the turn-off to Sawn Rocks. There are camp sites in the national park but none at the Sawn Rocks site. There is a one and a half km easy loop walk, viewing platforms, picnic tables, gas and electric BBQs, toilets and water. There is also medium level wheelchair access.

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