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Apex of Waa Gorge
Steep channel cut by huge volumes of water tumbling down from Mt Waa
The walls of Waa Gorge open out as you move away from the apex
Waa Gorge plunge pool and waterfall
Mt Bobiwaa can be viewed from the road to Waa Gorge

Waa Gorge in Mt Kaputar National Park

Latitude -30.065538, Longitude 150.104699

Located in the North West Region of NSW, nearest town Narrabri


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See walls sweeping up to the ancient volcanic plug, Mt Waa. Millions of years of weathering has turned cracks and joint lines into the deeply etched gorge and surrounding gullies visible today. The gorge is extremely impressive with cliffs that soar to 70 metres in height. Towering above the gorge is Mt Waa (pronounced war) which is a volcanic plug formed from the core of one of the earliest vents of the Nandewar Volcano.

The walk begins at the picnic area and leads to the twin waterholes named Mill-Bullah, meaning 'two eyes'. This medium grade walk is one kilometer return and takes 45 minutes to an hour.

The Mill-Bullah plunge pools are a perfect example of nature at work. They were formed by the action of fast moving water tumbling over the inclined rock and forming a whirlpool at the base. The water stream is fed by the massive volumes delivered by the Mt Waa catchment and has the power to carry boulders into the whirlpool where they are swirled around grating on the basment rock of the pool and stripping off layers in the process. This process creates the bowl at the base of the falls.

From Mill-Bullah plunge pools you are entering the Grattai Wilderness Area and the track is not so defined. Allow one and a half hours to walk to the gorge and back from here. As you go left around the waterholes, climb up the hill and walk along beside the creek. From here the track follows the creek bed until it reaches the gorge, which is up to 100m high in places and very spectacular. It is easy to get disorientated in the gorge so pay close attention to where the creek enters. Exploring the gorge further could take a full day and should only be attempted if you are an experienced walker with ample time available and suitable maps and provisions.

Getting There

Waa Gorge is located in the far north of Mt Kaputar National Park, approximately 56kms (one hour) from Narrabri. To get there head north from Narrabri along the Newell Highway towards Moree. Just 3kms out of town, turn right onto the picturesque Bingara Road, past (on the left) the fertile paddocks of the IA Watson Wheat Research Station. Follow the Bingara Rd and turn off at the sign to Terry Hie Hie (or back track from Sawn Rocks to the Terry Hie Hie turn off - 15kms). Follow this road for 28kms until you come to the Waa Gorge sign. Mt Grattai, Castletop and Mt Waa form a delightful back drop to the fields clothed in green, yellow and brown, depending on the season. The Waa Gorge turn off is clearly marked from the Narrabri-Terry Hie Hie cross roads. This road is definitely a DRY WEATHER ROAD ONLY and involves driving through private property. Please leave gates as you find them.

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